Do I need a referral?

A referral ensures clear communication with your general practitioner regarding your medical history, medications and allergies. It also helps us perfectly tailor treatment to your skin needs.

Further, a referral allows you to apply for a Medicare rebate on the fees for your consultation, biopsies and other medical procedures. The rebate for a new consultation is approximately $73. If you attend an appointment without a referral you will not be able to claim this rebate.

Can I claim a Medicare rebate?

Yes, if you have a valid referral (GP referrals are usually valid for 12 months) and a valid Medicare card. This applies only to medical consultations and treatments (vs. cosmetic ones).

If you are an overseas student or visitor with no Medicare card, private insurance usually covers an amount at least equivalent to the Medicare rebate.

Can I claim on my private health insurance?

Unfortunately, no. For Australian residents, federal legislation does not allow private insurance providers to cover medical services performed outside a hospital setting.

Patients who have a surgical admission to the Linley Clinic for removal of skin cancers should be able to claim some costs on their private insurance.

What is the difference between Kew Dermatology and a skin cancer clinic?

The difference is specialization. Skin cancer clinics are usually run by non-specialist doctors. By contrast, Kew Dermatology is run by dermatologists, doctors who have received extensive and intensive formal training in diagnosing, treating and managing all skin conditions, including skin cancer. Dermatologists are specially trained in the early detection and surgical and nonsurgical treatment of skin cancers.